Our Microblading Service in Riverside County

Microblading Essentials

The era in which thin brows reigned supreme is indeed in the rearview mirror. Nowadays, people tend to prefer a thicker look. A truly great method of making brows their most beautiful is known as microblading.

Not everyone fully understands what microblading entails, particularly if they do not follow every trend in the world of beauty. Many wonder if they are good candidates for a microblader at all.

Microblading can make a lot of sense for anyone who has thinner eyebrows and who wishes a semi-permanent fix for them. There are several things to keep in mind about the microblade trend, including facts about the costs as well as the risks involved.

Key Facts About Microblading

This process is the very latest in semi-permanent cosmetic techniques. A microblading professional essentially builds a brow that has the shape and thickness desired by adding pigment into the top layer of the customer’s skin with a microblade.

The lifespan of microblading results will vary based on skin type, but it is possible that they will last between one and two years before the pigment is no longer visible. When that happens, the brow and the skin beneath will be the same as they were prior to microblading. The outcomes achievable with microblading are very realistic and natural.

Cost Considerations

Regardless of where the procedure is done, microblading tends to cost at the very least a few hundred dollars. It is not uncommon for a microblading professional to charge several hundred dollars for the initial procedure and then another fee to cover aftercare that involves protecting the skin and brows after they have been filled.

What Does Aftercare Entail?

Following a microblading procedure, it is important to ensure that the tattooed area is kept as dry as possible for ten days. There should be no water allowed to touch the eyebrows, because it could cause the ink to be washed away.

Further, it is suggested that activities likely to cause overheating, such as workouts, saunas and the like, be avoided in the immediate aftermath of microblading.

Possible Side Effects

A number of microblading customers find that their bodies try to reject the tattoo ink after the initial application. 60-80 percent rejections rates are not unheard of.

As such, a professional microblader would instruct such an individual to exfoliate the eyebrow area a couple of times weekly following the healing period.

Microblading Maintenance

Follow-up maintenance work on microbladed eyebrows will depend on the customer’s own preference. Lots of professionals advise that appointments be scheduled six or eight weeks after the initial appointment to ensure that the desired lines have remained in place. This is also a good time to have minor adjustments made, if desired. It realy does turn largely on how often the customer thinks a top-up is indicated.

Semi-Permanence Of Microblading

When microblading is done in a poor fashion, it is difficult to disguise the result. If this occurs, customers may need to pay a great deal extra to prevent issues and correct the appearance as much as possible. It is much better to find the right professional in the first place so that the microblading process is performed skillfully, properly and effectively.

Vigilance Is Important

There are always risks involved in cosmetic procedures, and microblading of the eyebrows is no exception.

It must be remembered that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not get involved in regulating the coloring additive used in microblading pigments.


If safeguards are observed, there is minimal risk of harm connected with semi-permanent makeup including microblading. Disinfection and sterilization of all microblading equipment is particularly critical in keeping things free of complications.

It is also possible that poor or non-existent aftercare can lead to medical complications following microblading. As such, customers need to heed all instructions regarding the post-procedure period.

Microblading is meant to produce the look of full, natural eyebrows on individuals whose own brows are too think for their liking. The results can last for up to two years, perhaps longer under the right circumstances. Because microblading is only as good as the person doing the work, it is best to seek out the most talented professionals around who also have the necessary licensing and education.

There are many things to take into consideration prior to undergoing a microblading procedure. It is not an entirely risk-free proposition, so it is worthwhile to spend sufficient time finding just the right technician.