The Microblading Process: What to Expect Over the Span of Several Weeks

Microblading treatment is something that is making a difference in the lives of thousands of different people. It is a convenient service that will boost a person’s confidence, make them feel more attractive, and save them time when it comes to applying makeup in the morning. Having the procedure performed has easily shaved off around 20 minutes of time from my daily routine that once included using brow pomade and concealer to create the look of artificial brows.

It is because of social media that people often assume the microblading procedure does not involve any downtime or any kind of healing process, but that simply is not true. There are different things that occur before, during, and after the experience of getting permanent makeup. It is important for clients to understand the steps that are involved before they decide to have their brows done. The procedure may take a few hours, but the healing process can take up to two months.

Here is my natural eyebrows – pre-microblading:

Day 1

On that first day of meeting with the professional who performs microblading services, you are going to feel major excitement over the thought of being able to have full brows that look amazing without having to put in any effort each morning. You are going to look forward to showing everyone your new brows because they are going to make you feel even better about yourself. You will notice how textured the eyebrows look after a microblading session even if your brows look a bit red. The color is typically somewhat darker in the beginning, but it will fade over that two-month span.

It is true that you may notice your brows look a lot bolder than they used to look. In addition to looking bolder, you may experience some swelling as a result of having the microblade used against your skin to create those precise strokes of hair. It is quite common to experience a small amount of bleeding just like you would when getting a tattoo on any other part of the body. Despite any small amount of blood, you may quickly fall in love with the look of your new eyebrows.

While the brows likely look much darker than before, you should know that the color is not going to stick around forever. It is going to lighten up for you and look much softer and more natural as soon as the fading process begins. Do not freak out over the color, especially if you know you have gone to an experienced professional to have the brows done in the first place. When you go to someone with experience, you know you are getting them done correctly.

My Immediate Results:

The Next Day

It is going to feel a lot like you have a bunch of papercuts on your face. It may hurt when you start to make certain facial movements, such as lifting your brows or even sneezing. You will likely notice that your eyebrows are tender to the touch and look even fuller than they did the day before when you first had them done. Although you are probably thinking everyone is looking at your eyebrows and noticing them, there is a good chance that people are simply admiring your natural beauty, so do not overthink things or stress over the appearance of your eyebrows.

I loved the way that my eyebrows looked on that second day of having them done. It was easy to see the different strokes of hair that had been added and they looked completely natural. There was no scabbing at that point, so I was fine with the overall appearance of them.

The Third And Fourth Day

On the third and fourth days, you are going to start seeing a big difference from what you were seeing in the very beginning. The pain that you were experiencing will likely begin to go away, but the brows will begin looking a tad bit thicker than before. You are going to enjoy the convenience of applying your makeup without going through a tedious brow routine that involves using several beauty products to achieve much fuller eyebrows. It is going to save you so much time.

Day 5

During the healing phase, the fifth day is often the turning point. You may experience a lot of itchiness, but you should not use your fingers to scratch at your brows. There is a good chance that scabs are going to start forming on the brows on this day. It is normal to feel a bit worried, but scabbing is simply a big part of the process and it is something that happens to everyone. Most people will leave that out when they are talking about their microblading experience.

While the scabbing may not look the best, it needs to happen. Do not pick at the scabs. They will quickly start to go away on their own, so do not stress it too much and just think of how much you love your new set of eyebrows.

Days 6 And 7

As the days start passing, you are going to start noticing even more scabbing. The scabs will even start to peel on their own. You may feel tempted to start peeling at a scab that you see on your face but resist that urge as much as you possibly can because it can have a negative impact on the way that your new eyebrows heal. In fact, it could take away from the pigment that was just added to the skin and you do not want that to happen.

Rest assured that while this process is the most difficult part to get through, it does not last long. I never knew about this phase because most people do not talk about it. It is the reason that I am mentioning it right now. People who are thinking about getting microblading done should know of the good and the bad that is involved. You can still have perfect eyebrows, but you must go through scabbing to quickly reach those “brow goals.”

Days 8, 9, And 10

Between a week and 10 days of having your eyebrows done, you are going to start feeling so much better about them. The scabs will have started falling off and you will notice that the skin is starting to heal. Your brows may no longer look as dark as they did in the beginning. Do not assume that they are fading and that you have wasted your money. Light fading is completely normal and will eventually leave the brows looking more natural.

This may make you feel as though your skin didn’t take the pigment but that would be an incorrect assessment. Often it may appear as though you filled them in with powder. This is normal so just trust in the process and love that your eyebrows are done permanently every morning. Since the wounds are likely fully closed at this point, if you do feel somewhat conscientious of the fact that they appear light in color then you can darken them with a little makeup.

Almost Finished Healing

By the time two and three weeks have passed by, you should start to feel like you are completely healed. You will notice those strokes of hair that looked lighter are now more noticeable again. The color of the brows will blend in with your natural eyebrow hair and will have such an authentic appearance. No one is going to know that you have undergone the microblading procedure.


A Month In

At the end of the month, you will have healed and your skin and brows should look flawless. Those eyebrows should have much more of a softer appearance that will quickly boost your confidence and give you the look you were trying to achieve. You may then decide if you would like to have more strokes of hair added to the skin or not. You will have a follow-up appointment scheduled to have your new eyebrows examined and to discuss any concerns or wants and needs.

Most clients will visit with the professional microblading expert within 90 days of having their eyebrows done. It is important that you do not go back to have them touched up until the healing process is complete. Overall, I would have to say that I did enjoy the microblading experience and I have absolutely no regrets about getting them done because I love the way they look. I am saving a lot of time each day because I no longer need to use makeup to fill in my eyebrows.

Despite the healing process, I managed to get through the scabbing and pain and currently feel happier than ever. I truly hope this helps people understand what it is like to get undergo microblading to have flawless eyebrows.

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