The latest trend in creating naturally beautiful eyebrows is a technique called microblading. This is a semi-permanent form of makeup which uses handheld microblades to form darker, shapelier and more defined eyebrows for anyone who has overplucked them or needs more definition.

Microblading began over two decades ago in Asia. It has been known since then by such monikers as microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, the feather touch, and the Japanese Method. In the past few years, it has taken off tremendously in the United States.

The technique is actually a type of eyebrow tattooing. It works differently from regular tattooing which is done by a machine. The tattooing is done by a microblade held by an artist who makes each hair by stroking it into the top layer of skin. The line looks much like a real strand of hair. The artist continues to draw the hairs one by one to blend them with any existing hair along the brows. The results can be strikingly beautiful.

There are several types of microblading styles. There are 1Ds where the hairs all go in the same direction and 3Ds where hair strokes are set in specific patterns over the rides of the brows. One of the top artists in LA, David Zhang takes the brows to a new level with 6Ds which are done to varying depths so that each hair looks real. All of these techniques are what make up the art of microblading. Our artists use both the 3D and 6D methods.

The entire job will take two sessions. The first appointment is where you get profiled. This is when the artist draws the shape on the brows with a waterproof pencil. Once the design is agreed upon, the brows are microbladed. After this, the client can leave and go on to enjoy them. They do scab a little and you must perform after-care, but they heal totally in about one month.

During the second appointment, the work is touched up. This happens in 30 days, so the ink has had time to slough off naturally from the first appointment. The color has also had time to penetrate and settle. The second appointment is where the artist also gets to check how well your skin has responded to the treatment. They will make corrections if any are needed.

There are times where the undertones of the skin affect the color in an unexpected way. The artist can take the time during the second appointment to adjust the color. These adjustments are totally normal and are often part of the process because everyone’s skin is different.

If you have eyebrow tattoos, permanent makeup or you previously did microblading check out our blog for more information about coverup eyebrow tattoos.